Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Kristen...

I received a comment from Kristen on this post that went like this: forget everything! except the unique way you are using your old wine corks!! I love that. Could you post a photo of the top? How do you get the corks in there!!

So I snapped a few photos and sent them to her. Then, five minutes after the
photos were transmitted, I received an e-mail from another reader asking
me the same thing. So... Just in case there is anyone else out in there in
blog-land wondering... This is what the Tops of these boxes look like!
I believe I've mentioned this before, but we don't drink alcohol. It's not a religious or AA thing,
it's just that it puts me to Sleep, which tends to suck all the fun out of any social gathering
where adult beverages might be served. So... My cork collection comes from our winery
tours - Because although I don't drink wine, I appreciate the Culture/lifestyle of wine!
When I saw these keepsake boxes at Pottery Barn a few years ago I knew they were the
perfect storage/display solution for my wine bottle corks and my Matchbook collection here
in the dining room. Most of my matchbooks are from family vacations to Vegas, when the
casinos still gave out Interesting looking matchbooks. There are also a few in there from
the Bell phone store in Junction City, Kansas from 1982 when my parents took me there
to pick out a phone for my bedroom. I picked a Cherry-red wall phone. It was neat-o!
I can't tell you how many times I've considered taking them Down in favor of
hanging something else less modern and frankly, less odd in the dining room... But
then someone tells me how cool they are and I forget about Tossing them in the trash!


  1. A place for everything and everything in its place :o)
    love this idea ~ it is neat-o
    ! ! !

  2. Those are cute, don't take them down. Don't they collect dust though?

  3. woo hoo I'm famous :-) thanks again for sharing -kt


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