Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday evening Pasta

After seeing all this gorgeous Basil in the garden yesterday afternoon,
I just couldn't stop thinking of ways to use it for Dinner this evening
As soon as I walked through the door from spin class tonight, I asked him
to please go out into the Rain for me, and bring in a few bunches of basil... 
Then he did what he always does when I mention Cooking with basil, and told
me not to use it in his dinner, because he doesn't like basil. At all. Yes, I have
considered divorce; however, ignoring him, putting Basil into his dish, despite
his Objections and then hearing him apologize later is always way more fun!
Speaking of fun... I gave The Pioneer Woman's bread a try. See the recipe here
Attending spin class after work sucked all the time out of any opportunity I
might have had to make my own Pasta... So tonight it's pasta by Buitoni!
The sauce I made time for... Seeded roma tomatoes, a can of crushed tomatoes,
garlic, Olive oil, a pinch of sugar and a dash or three of kosher salt is all it takes
Add the cooked Pasta to the sauce and pronounce them man and wife
Cook on medium/high heat until bubbly. Turn off heat and add 2 tablespoons of
unsalted butter, and a handful of Parmigiano-Reggiano run through the mini-chop
Then finish with the Basil he doesn't like. At all.
Pull the bread out of the oven...
And, serve it!
And, because he says a pasta dinner can't be a Pasta dinner without meatballs...
I added a few Meatballs!
Take that, busy-Rainy-Monday!


  1. I just passed OUT!
    You make everything look so good!
    I tell Greg all the time how spoiled Terry is!
    How did you get the pasta in that little mountain!?
    This looks like something out of a magazine!
    Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not good to see when one is CLEANSING! ;o)

  2. You are so sweet, Teresa - Thank you!

    Pasta mountain is easy... After the pasta finishes in the skillet, I pour it into my 2-cup prep bowl, (by the Pampered Chef but any 2 cup bowl will work) place my plate over the bowl and FLIP IT over. Lift the bowl away, and Wa-la, pasta mountain!

    Stay strong, sister-detox! I ate quinoa, turkey and steamed broccoli tonight! :)

  3. That looks like it would rival any Chef's dish I've seen on TV. I can alomost smell and taste it through my screen. You put so much thought into everything you do. You guys make a great pair. His gardening and your cooking.

  4. Looks delicious! Thanks for the "how-to" on the pasta mountain:)

  5. Wow!
    Your hubb is lucky to have a wife who knows how to cook so good :)



  6. PS: Just wondering, what did your hubby say when he saw all that basil? hahaha

  7. Love the pasta, fresh basil, crusty bread....ALL of it!

    We have loads of basil, too...I planted it last year; couldn't believe it came back!

  8. I saw your pots & your kitchen on another one of my favorite sites. SO cool!

  9. Erin - Thank you for letting me know that my Le Creuset collection was featured at another blog!

    And, thank you for your kind note!

  10. Now that is what I call a plethora of basil...and it's beautiful!

    I can't believe he doens't like it- crazy!

    This meal and that crusty bread looks amazing.


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