Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Valentine's Day... Only red velvet Cupcakes will do!

I don't quite understand Red velvet. Can anyone
tell me what red Velvet is supposed to taste like?

I never baked red Velvet cake until I moved to the south...

I still don't get it... But it seems to make sense on Valentine's Day!

When only Red hot love will do!

In case you ever wondered... This is how I decorate with Sprinkles

Because I hate Sprinkles between my toes...

And that's where they end up every time I
don't work the sprinkles Over the sink!

I guess I could Sprinkle over paper plates and
save what doesn't make it onto my Cupcakes...

But that wouldn't be nearly as much Fun as
watching colored sugar Swirl down the drain!

I think Willie-pig approves of these cupcakes

I feel bad about displacing Willie-pig from his spot on the Bean chest. But
honestly, there was no other place in the kitchen to put my Pink candy scale

Maybe a Cupcake would make him feel better!

I know it would make Me feel better!

Have a Cupcake. And do have yourself a...

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. You don't rteally need to "get" red velvet, you just eat it and have fun!
    so pretty.

    I use the paper plate method so I don't waste.

    Happy Valentine's Day. I made a mississippi mud cake that I'm taking over to my moms for dinner!

  2. Yummmm! I love your kitchen. The cupcakes look yummy too. ;)

  3. And HAPPY Heart Day to you too Janet!
    I do believe you are showing off that PINK scale!!!
    And I can see WHY!!!
    It is incredible!
    LOVE IT!
    And those cupcakes...well just perfection!
    Yes...yes...gotta have RED VELVET in the South!
    And I do believe you achieved the perfect color of red! Yeah!
    Thanks for the tip on SPRINKLES!

  4. So pretty and I think I forgot to mention how much I LOVE you new PINK SCALE :)

  5. My red velvet tastes like chocolate.... :)

    Ally @ High Heels & Aprons


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