Friday, February 12, 2010

Tubbin' in the Snow

Hey, Bing! It's snowing... Want to go look?

No? Okay... Then you stay here and Keep our little
spot nice and Warm while I go watch the snow fall...

From deep inside the Hot tub!

Last one in's a Snowflake!


  1. Oh Janet!
    DO you know how bad I want to snuggle BING!!!
    I didin't know you had a kitty!
    I had to leave all my kitties behind when we moved to the Northwest!!
    Oh I do miss my Kitties!
    Bing is gorgeous!!!!
    Oh! I thought of you!
    My best friends from Monterey came to visit last weekend...and we are going there in April!
    I haven't been to Carmel in years!!!
    Can't believe you have MORE snow!
    Happy Weekend!!!
    Are you making cookies?

  2. You walked out there barefoot?! Then you stopped to take pictures?! You're crazy but that's why I love you.

    Hope you had fun!


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