Saturday, February 20, 2010

What would Julia think?

Ever since I picked up my first Julia Child cookbook I have wanted to
make her Boeuf Bourguignon recipe. But have you ever read that recipe?
It's mind-blowing! Much too complicated. And, much too time consuming
for those of us with Lives and shopping to do! So when I popped over
to Williams-Sonoma this afternoon to visit my friends... You know
them too - Le Creuset, All-Clad, Kitchenaid... I couldn't help but be
intrigued by their new Beef Bourguignonne braising base. As I read
the label, I couldn't help but wonder... What would Julia think?
Because you know... Julia's recipe has over 40 steps. However,
this looks pretty much like a shake, Twist and pour operation!
Which speaks to me!
This is Fantastically simple! Dice a little
butcher's bacon and throw it into a dutch oven
Cook for 8-10 minutes. Or until you hear someone
in the den call out to Ask you what smells so good
Because when that happens... Your bacon will be Perfectly cooked!
And, then you'll have to work Quickly to keep him away from it!
Cut up three pounds of Chuck roast into 1-inch cubes...
Like this... The recipe on the jar does not call for any Garlic. But
we've already had that discussion. Remember... this Monterey girl
and student of John Pisto doesn't know how to cook without it
Time to brown our beef using one Tablespoon of reserved bacon grease
Add a little fresh cracked black Pepper...
And a pinch of Coarse kosher salt...
or Two!
And, our Garlic. Of course...
After the meat was browned on all sides I opened the jar. Then I leaned up
against the counter to Enjoy the aroma for a few minutes. It's incredible! 
Really incredible!
Add in the Bacon and bring to a simmer
Stir, cover and cook on Low heat for two hours
Tomorrow, I'll add pearl onions, baby carrots
and cook all this delicious Richness another hour
And serve it over Butter egg noodles for our Sunday supper!
By the way... Despite an exhaustive search of Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx,
Target, Michaels and AC Moore today, I never did find a Wilton comfort-grip
Shamrock cookie cutter. So I went back to Home Goods to get this cute
little set. I'll order the Wilton one on-line tonight, and probably use
these too. I know. I know... I shouldn't have bought more sprinkles!
Clearly, the people Responsible for keeping me
from buying more sprinkles are doing a Poor job! 
They're probably Related to the same people responsible
for keeping me away from buying any New cake stands too!
I know... But I couldn't help it! You know what a sucker I am for anything
honey Bee-related. And these honeycomb cake stands just wouldn't let me leave
them at Williams-Sonoma today. I especially love the little bee on the foot
Bun-bunny and Willie-pig like them too!
Where I'll store them... Well, that I haven't figured out yet
I think I'm in Trouble!
But that's okay, huh, Bing? We'll just have to find
another cabinet to Clean out to make room for them
Someone loves the Crinkly paper!
Hey, Bing! I know where we can get More of that fun, crinkly
paper... And they're open on Sunday too! Besides, we're going
to need Lots more of their Beef Bourguignonne braising base!


  1. I loved your cooking tutorial! If I felt the urge to cook (maybe someday), I could actually follow the instructions! Thank you!! Those cake stands are fabulous, and I adore that you have names for the bunny and pig that live on your counter. That totally made me smile!

  2. How did I know those cake stands would make their way into your home? It looks like there might be a bit of room for one on the second shelf in the back. There's always room for more cake stands!

    I can't wait to see what your dinner looks like tomorrow. I've been wanting tot try that recipe for awhile!

    You have names fo ryour bunny and pig? How did I miss that?

  3. You are killing me. Don't you know that I'm fasting after that cruise? Now I have to go to Williams Sonoma for the darned base. Such a bad influence!! ;)

  4. What a FUN post this is...
    Your writing is so expressive and descriptive...
    I can SMELL the wonderful aroma of your cooking...
    I'm laughing OUT LOUD about your sprinkles and cake plates (I'm looking for a big reorganization for some of my "new finds" :o)
    So much FUN to visit here...
    I must put you in my blogroll so I'll know when you post!
    smiles ~ Maria


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