Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A visitor's Special dinner!

I didn't expect to have a Recipe to blog for you in the middle of
the week. However, since we received a very Welcome visitor this
afternoon - I do! Who is this Special visitor we received?
It's Brandon's Heather... All the way from Alabama!

Of course, seeing her again Reminds us that someone is missing...

We sure are missing our Ranger... Huh, Bing?

But seeing Heather is also a reminder of how very
happy Brandon always is when they are together

Therefore, in honor of the last Happy dinner we all had together at
a Japanese steakhouse in Columbus, I decided dinner had to be Brandon
and Heather's favorites tonight... Teriyaki chicken and Fried rice!

While the rice was Chilling I sauteed boneless
chicken breasts I previously marinated in Soy sauce 

After the chicken was rested and cubed, I covered it in five tablespoons
of an organic Teriyaki glaze we like. Then I returned it to my skillet

My fried rice is Very simple. I call it my Beni-ha-ha rice because it's just that
close enough to the fried rice at Benihana's. First I prepare 2 cups of uncooked
rice to the package directions. After the rice is Cooked, I dump it into a large bowl
and let it chill-out in the Refrigerator while I get the rest of the meal together. About
half way through the chill-process, (roughly 10 minutes) I fluff the rice with a fork
to hasten the cooling process. After the rice is cooled I add four Scrambled eggs, and
a little more than a cup of Frozen peas, chopped carrots and diced white onion 

After two tablespoons of Butter melts in the skillet I add the
rice/veg mix and three tablespoons of Soy sauce. A little salt
and a few turns of the Pepper grinder finish it off to yum!

Heather approved. And, she said...

She thinks our Brandon would love it too!


  1. Okay Janet!
    There are many things I have to say!!!
    First off....I can't believe Brandon's girlfriend is from ALABAMA!!!
    You know that is my HOME STATE!!!!!
    Where does she live in Alabama?
    Tell her I grew up in Birmingham and we moved to the Northwest from Tuscaloosa!!! Is she a BAMA fan?
    Now..I know Bing adored her visit!
    Did she spend the night?
    I know...I am very nosey!! ;o)
    about that CHICKEN AND FRIED RICE!!!!!
    I was studying that recipe like it was a final EXAM!!!!!
    You need to publish a recipe book my friend!
    Now...I thought I saw something yellow in that fried rice once it was in the pan with the veggies?
    Am I seeing things?
    There isn't any egg in that is there?
    Oh what a divine cook you are!
    ANd you make it look so easy....that is what I adore about your cooking...and the way you share how to cook it all!
    You cook things that other people only get to eat when they go out!
    Oh what lucky BOYS your hubby and Brandon are!
    Who taught you how to cook so well?

  2. Yes, I'm sure he would have loved and appreciated it. I bet it doesn't hurt that his two favorite women were there.

    So nice of her to come by and share in a meal with you. He'll come home honey. I believe that and then you can make this for him again!

  3. We LOVE fried rice and I've never made it! you make it sound so simple Janet!! I can't wait to give this a try one night!!

    and Teresa...that yellow is the scrambled eggs- right Janet?

    and Heather is adorable!!


  4. Oh, I want THIS for dinner...and lunch...and maybe even breakfast!!! Yum, Janet!


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