Sunday, February 7, 2010

Game-day Nacho prep!

See that? No... Not pretty Mrs. Cardinal... I'm talking
about Sunshine, and the new buds on my climbing rose!
(click photo once to enlarge)

Spring excites me! But today, it's Superbowl Sunday nacho time, which
means I need to get busy and reheat the Drip Beef I made yesterday

Before I put the left overs in the refrigerator last night, I strained
the cooking liquid and removed all the fat solids. Today, it's, Au Jus

I've been dying to try this Merlot sauce!

There are still plenty of Cupcakes left, but I'm thinking brownies tonight!

The game's still a few hours off but since I have 45-minutes
to kill before the Brownies are done, I may as well prep now 

Cheddar always loved Jack!

So today, they shall be Married on top of nacho mountain!

Look! Our sweet Ghirardelli turtle brownies are done!

As is my prep! Truly classic
Mise en place, wouldn't you say?

Time to go Play in the sunshine for a while... See you at game-time!

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  1. drip beef, sandwiches and now nachos. so good and now I'm hungry!


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