Sunday, February 28, 2010

A sunny Sunday stroll...

Before I do a little baking, I've got to get Outside for a little while this
afternoon. The birds are singing. There's even a breeze. Hey... what's that?
It's the Gingerbread cottage I made at Christmas! 
I know it was high Time to toss it... But instead of adding it to the Compost
pile like I thought he might, it looks like he came Around to my idea! I said
my gingerbread cottage would make a tasty midnight Snack for our raccoon
family... And I guess we'll know Tomorrow morning if they agreed with me! 
Look at that glorious, bright Sunshine on my creek. Oh, my!
I'm so happy to see Sunshine today!
It means Spring is on its way. So there
might be No more of this, please!
Yup! I think things are Finally looking up...
Way Up!

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