Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boeuf Bourguignon ala, Williams-Sonoma, day 2

It's often said that a recipe tastes Better the following day. And that's precisely
the reason I began tonight's dinner Last night. If you missed that, click Here

I must admit... This does smell even Better tonight than it did last night!

I am no fan of the Fungus. Never have been able to eat anything with mushrooms
in it. And, I'm not about to start tonight. But he loves them... So I'm adding more!

The recipe on the jar calls only for the Addition of 2 cups
of Pearl onions and one cup baby carrots, which I chopped a bit

I love pearl Onions as much as I dislike mushrooms!
Both of us Enjoy carrots though!

However, this is where we Part ways...

It's also why I'm having grilled Garlic/lemon chicken tonight!

Almost there. Time to get our Egg noodles going now

While the pasta cooks, I have something to Show you...

I decided the best use for the vintage Candy scale I
picked up at Auction is to simply use it as a candy dish! 

Okay. Our egg noodles are al dente and drained - So on with the butter! 

Dinner Time!

Willie-pig is smiling. I think he and Bun-bunny are just glad this is beef!

Yummy! Is what Mr. B called it. Which is great. Because...

Guess which Clever girl doesn't have to cook dinner tomorrow night?


  1. I can't believe you made that, how good it looks, and that you're not going to eat it! You should have put a small amount into a different pot then divide the veggies and put only shrooms in his.

    cute comment about the bunny and pig :-)

  2. I am telling you...
    that is some kind of GOOD eating right there!
    You are such a reat cook!
    You are every man's DREAM!!!
    If I made that dish for Greg he would be pudddddddy in my hands...even more than he already is.
    Just a minute ago...
    I sat down to the computer...
    and twitched my nose....
    and said I wish I was Bewithced...
    he said...
    what do you need...
    and I said oh...a drink and my glasses.
    Can you believe he got up and made me a brand new drink...with a cherry and brought me my glasses!!! So sweet!
    He deserves for me to make this dish!!!!
    I wish we weren't starting a diet tomorrow and eating chicken all week!
    Looks divine sweetie!
    Your hubby is a LUCKY man!

  3. Salivating all over my keyboard. Nice job! I agree with Monica. Make a small batch for you next time so you can enjoy your efforts!

  4. Yummo! Enjoyed my visit to your blog!


  5. Oh my gosh...I wasn't hungry until I started reading your could you DO this to me?

    And, that candy scale?!?!? LOVE it, love it!


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