Saturday, February 13, 2010

A pretty Great auction Day!

I knew when I stepped outside and into a bright,
beautiful sunbeam it was going to be a great day!

Cousin It confirmed it for me... So off to the auction we went!

The ride up to Wilksboro was a bit tricky because the roads were
very icy. We passed many terrible accidents along the way. My good
friend who drove up from Advance to join us said she saw twice the
number of accidents we saw on our way up - And, she was no more
than 30 minutes behind us. Nevertheless, we all made it in one piece!

If you were in the market for a clock - Today's auction was the place to be!

The auctioneer announced that most of
these Clocks came out of the same estate...

Which I found astounding! I imagined the collector
must have died after going mad from all that ticking!

Despite the road conditions, the house was packed! Still,
the prices were fantastic! This gorgeous punch bowl
set, in absolute mint condition sold for a song!
By a song, I mean $160 - See it here to compare

As usual, the selection of furniture pieces and other items was very interesting! Two
months ago, when the on-line Catalog for this sale was first published, I knew I had
to have this pink Toledo candy scale. So cool! And, it measures in 2-cent graduations!

It took almost the whole day to come up
for bid... But I had nothing but time!

It was soooo worth the wait!

It's perfectly accurate and it cleaned up to look nearly new!

I just couldn't resist weighing out some candy tonight!

Honestly... It's just too stinkin' cute for words!

I was tempted to Remove the NC Department of Agriculture
approval stamp. But when I noticed the year this sweet scale was
last certified, I decided against it. Because 1988 was a Very good year!

How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. It is too stinkin' cute for words. I love it!

    We spent the day in pajamas, fooling around the internet, watching TV, then we did a little grocery shopping. a quiet lazy day :-)

  2. So glad to see that sitting on your counter!! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

  3. Oh Janet I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scale!! the the pink makes it even more wonderful!! You have so many fun goodies!! I would just love to come visit!!


  4. Love it! It's a good thing we don't live anywhere near each other. We would spend way too much money. :)


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