Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's Drip Beef!

When I saw this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's website last week I knew
it would be the way I would start my Saturday. You see, while I do plan to
serve her Drip Beef sandwiches for dinner tonight, the Leftover beef
will become the star of my famous nachos for Superbowl Sunday!

And, the left over beef from my nachos will make my little Raccoon
family very happy! So let's get this Beefy-party started, shall we?

I do have one of those Dutch ovens Pioneer Woman uses, but I use it
to bake my No-knead bread, so I just can't bring myself to dirty it up! No, for
missions like this one, only my German stainless covered roaster will do

Boeuf! It's my Boeuf-f-f! Sorry... But
it's what I hear when people say, BFF

Onions and butter smell So good!

In goes the Soy sauce

And the Splash of cooking Sherry

And, garlic. Yes, the recipe calls for only Three cloves. But having lived
just outside the Garlic capitol of the world for almost two decades, I know
it's the Garlic that tells you how much to use. I yield to its wisdom. Always!

Thyme is my Herb of choice here!

Smells ah-Mazing!

Four cups of Water, and...

That's all there is to it, Campers!

Hum... I have Shopping to catch up on so I don't know about leaving this alone
on the stove for Six hours. I better opt for the oven version of this instead

Now I feel better... Low and Slow is the way to Go!

See ya in six hours for Drip Beef sandwiches!


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