Friday, February 5, 2010

Wet, heavy Snow

Poor Cousin It!
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Global warming my Foot!
I mean, Really! It's almost too much for a girl to
take. Here, let me close my eyes and Envision...
Happier Times!
He keeps telling me everything will come
back... That the plants are just sleeping
To me, this isn't Sleeping... Any C-average
doctor would tell you this is a full-on Coma!
Despite the season, it appears Someone has
been adding Pretty things to my garden
My lovely Arbor looks so cold. Seems so far away from
when the lush, Radiant yellow climbing rose will cover her
completely and hide sweet Birds to nest there in spring
Much too far away!
Birdbath Snow-pancake anyone?

At least the trees are Smiling through it!
It's raining now and things are getting Icy all over!
Come over... I have some Snow for you!
And, some Frozen mushrooms too!
Poor garden Sprite looks so cold today...
Brrrrrr, she Tells me!
Don't worry little Sprite, spring's coming!
We just have to Believe!
Looks like I won't be crossing my Creek today!
The wind has really Kicked up with the freezing rain so
branches are beginning to come Down out of the trees now
That's some wet, Heavy snow!
This is my favorite Japanese maple. Even in the snow, he's on fire!
Geez, it's really, really Cold out here!
Okay. I'm cold and Wet now so it's time to get back
inside, Fire up the oven and bake something!

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  1. Bake something for me since I can't :-(

    Your little tree fairy holding snow is so pretty. love it.


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