Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have a Plan!

The Ranger called last night... I say ... because just being able to say he Called makes me so
happy, practically no more need be said! So not only did Brandon call, he also told us
the address he provided prior to his Deployment is now real. That means we have
the green light to send him Goodie packages and letters! Of course, I couldn't
wait to rush out and gather up all his favorites. Because I have a plan... You
see - Maybe, if he's in a Sugar coma, the Army will send him home!   

And, a three-pound sack of Gummi bears chased by a
few Happy Hippos and a Toblerone should just about do it!

I hope the post office knows what a Gift their flat-rate boxes
really are. Because instead of spending $80 to ship my boxes by
weight, I paid only $26.00! The whole customs forms they
required took me a few minutes to master, but I'm so Happy
to report that all of this, (and a Few other things) will
be in our dear Rangers' hands in 10-12 days!


  1. That's quite the care package you got there. And you gathered it up pretty quickly too! I'm impressed.

    I'm sure he's going to love all of it. lucky boy!

  2. Thank you, Monica!

    I'm a power-shopper through and through! I had my route well planned, and knocked it out in Less than an hour! Costco, World Market, Borders, Best Buy AND Walmart! Oh, and I even stopped for gas on the way back to the office!

  3. WOW!! You are the BEST care package sender ever!!

  4. I'm sure he is looking forward to getting the delivery!! Those flat rate packages do seem to be a great deal. Less on shipping means more on goodies! :)

  5. I know how excited you are to get a phone call from your Ranger. Nothing like it! Can you say where he is?

    I love the flat-rate boxes, too. We send a care package to our cadet about once a month, and we cram that thing full!

  6. He will love it Janet!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. What a great package! Yes... he will be smiling!
    I also enjoyed your previous post... Now I know how to make fried rice. Great explanation~
    Enjoy the weekend ~ Maria

  8. Oh, that is a great package!!! He'll be so happy to have a little bit of home away from home!

  9. Those Happy Hippos are sooooo yummy. Had those in Portugal and fell in love with them. He will just love that package. He is always in my prayers as are you chick. :)


  10. I've just found your blog. LOVE IT!

    What a wondeful package! The hippos are absolutely the BEST!

    Oh, and totally random, you can fill out those customs forms online...It's a little bit easier than filling in those tiny boxes.


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