Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome, St. Francis to our Garden

While piddling through Home Goods looking for a few picture frames
yesterday, I noticed a couple over on the next Isle examining this Garden
piece of St. Francis pouring water from a vessel for the animals gathered
around him. I had to have it! But how? They had their paws all over it... I hung
back, pretending not to notice them or Care. But I did. I wanted that Statue!  So I
listened... The wife said, "It's wonderful but Where would we put it?, and the husband
said, "I don't know but it's 75% off so we should get it." Then, she Hemmed and he Hawed
and suddenly, something else caught the wife's eye a few shelves over, and they both
Stepped away! That's when I swooped in behind them and lifted St. Francis up, off
the shelf and down on top of my Cart. I knew the couple was Watching me but Hey!
They broke the four-step rule. You move Four steps away from something and it
becomes Fair-game. It's Shopping 101! And, get this! What I thought was a Statue
is actually a Fountain. Yup! There is a hidden drawer behind St. Francis that
houses the pump. I haven't convinced him to Hook it up yet. But I will! 

Hello, Mizz Ducky!

Man! Look at the Pond now! Hosta-Heaven...

Thanks for the tip about the Garden mushrooms at Costco, Mom!
They look great down here by the Koi pond!

I see you, Mr. Orange-footed duck standing in the Creek!

The forest Trees all around the back yard have Filled in so Beautifully!

The azaleas are still going strong too!

But it's the Hostas that steal this Show!

You too, Cousin It!

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  1. St Francis is going to just love your garden....I do too, your hostas are filling out beautifuly. My hostas are just starting to get filled out, we are still having some cool weather here so it may take awhile.

    I have a giant hosta that I planted last year and can't wait until it is grown. The leaves are probably 12 inches each and the plant will be above my knees.

    I just love comming to your blog and looking at all your pretty pictures.


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