Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally got my Turn!

The Wisteria began to Pop this weekend!

Smells amazing already and will only get more Fragrant from now on!

I love how fresh the New trees feel. Seven months of green... Yea!

Another week or so and the Arbor rose will be full of Yellow bloomers

I can always tell when Mother's Day is near because the huge azalea bushes
on the side of the house always Bloom during the second week of May

It's going to be another Very pink Mother's Day!

Finally got my Turn back in the kitchen this morning and it was pretty
great. I brewed a gallon of fresh Sweet tea, made egg salad for his Lunch
tomorrow and Bagel sandwiches for lunch out on the deck today. While packing
up the Kitchen last month to prepare for the new Counter tops, I found the Tupperware
onion and tomato keepers I picked up a few years ago and Forgot I had. I've never used them
until today and I must say they're pretty handy! And, they don't just Hang from the shelves in the
refrigerator, they hang from my Fruit and veggie bowl too. I'll find them again, and send some to you!  

Finding lost things and Things I forgot I had is a Good thing!

It feels Great to have everything Unpacked and to be back in my kitchen!
For dinner I made your German pasta salad, corn on the Cob and my baked
chicken. Nothing says Summer's just around the corner than picnic food!

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