Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loving days like This!

Couldn't go to Costco this afternoon without stopping in
at Home Goods. I just can't. I haven't tried, but I already know
I can't. I'm glad I did because a new St. Francis was there waiting for
me! T returned the last one I bought. He said the scale was all wrong for
his Garden. I knew he was right so I let it go... We agree this is Much better! 
It's days like this one that make me Forget that
it's been raining off and on for Three weeks!
My fish didn't mind the Rain as much as I did!
St. Francis would want me to Forgive the weather. So I shall.
Besides, rain makes for great Green!
And, this is Pretty great green!
I hardly Complain at all on days like this!
You can't see them but Four ducks just flew into the
area by the pond. It's their Dinnertime now
This afternoon I learned that the Spiky yellow
plant is Carolina Lupine, which I find is divine!
I think those are the Last two blooms on the clematis by
the fountain. The next time it Blooms will be late summer...
I'm in no particular Hurry for it, believe me! 
What a beautiful Day this was today! 
We took dinner out on the Deck this evening and the whole
time we were Watched by that squirrel on that chair down there
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