Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There was a Saturday!

After running some Errands together on Saturday morning, Brandon let us know he intended to spend the afternoon and evening with some of his Friends from ASU. As difficult as it was not to tell him that I wished he would spend Every minute of his weekend pass at home with us, and as much as I wanted to ask him to tell his friends Not to travel down, over and from All around to come see him, I kept quiet and let Brandon go. But I won't lie. It sucked. Sure, I got to cook him Dinner and we went to see the new Terminator movie together on Friday night but I wanted ALL of the long weekend with Brandon... I imagined hanging out at the pool, grilling lunch and dinners on the BBQ and late-afternoon Badminton marathons in the front yard. But when it didn't Happen, we made other plans.

We decided to have lunch at the Blue Bird Diner in Mt. Airy and then head into Hillsville, Virginia to roam the antiques Fair and flea market going on up there. On the way home we stopped at Several of our favorite produce stands in Cana for farm-Fresh fruit and Veggies. We both missed Brandon and weren't quite in the Mood, but we made the most of our day together. Last night when Brandon called he said that he Wished he'd stayed with us on Saturday instead of going out with his friends. Hum...

On the way to Mt. Airy 

I know they call this Pilot Mountain but I can't help but think of
the mountain Richard Dreyfus made in the movie Close Encounters

So to me, this will always be Mashed Potato Mountain

Since there was no one at this Booth I wanted to leave
a note that said, Be here or Miss the sale! 

Then there was the Guy... First of all, I have to say that I could smell his Potions before
I ever saw his booth... I smelled them from Four booths away and over the Kettle Corn couple
from South Carolina too! So his claim there of, Pain relief without the stinky smell seemed
a bit Ridiculous to me. I hope that sucker, I mean, Customer didn't buy too Much of it! 

I know it's 2009, but I imagine this is what the snake Oil salesman of the 1800's might
have looked like. Without the Modern-day marketing tools such as the surgical Scrubs and
catchy, "Dr. Feelgood" tagline employed by this one. I wondered if he has Something that might
help improve his Vision to perhaps eliminate the need for the Two pair of glasses he's wearing  

On the way home we stopped to watch this Little family cross the road

Fortunately, they all made it Across to safety!

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