Friday, May 15, 2009

Bakerella was Right!

Bakerella was Right! Cake Art in Tucker, Georgia is something else!

If you need a Candy mold, you'll Find it here!

They have plenty of Cake pans too! Every kind of cake pan you
might imagine and Many you haven't even thought of imagining yet

Fresh made Caramel. Man! Just give me a Spoon
and leave me alone in a Corner for a while!

Under the caramel there is Every kind of melting chocolate one could need

Talk about Cake toppers! Honestly, if they don't
have it at Cake Art, you simply Do not need it!

I picked up 15 jars of assorted Sprinkle-stuff, several large bags of Jimmies, lots
of cake Doilies, a few cake Toppers, some squeeze bottles, and Three cake Pans. I did my
best to Stock up... Now I cannot wait to Get home and get to baking and Cupcake pop making! 

You know what this Means, right?
It means that after Cake Art we drove back to Stone Mountain Village to have
dinner at The Village Corner - that fabulous little German restaurant and Bakery we
found during our Last trip. Of course, we took Oktoberfest pretzels to Go!

Zitronen schnitzel for me. Because I'm predictable that way

He tried something Different because he likes to Mix it up. Here
is the Sausage platter with Weisswurst and Knockwurst with potatoes
and the Best sauerkraut, ever. Once again, The Village Corner delivered!

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