Saturday, May 30, 2009

A big Break!

After far too many weeks of spring Rain we finally got a big break today. Bright sunshine and not a Cloud in the sky! So you know Where I spent the day... Outside, of course! At first, it was just a lot of me outside Shuttling things over to William's new apartment. But eventually, Me-time did arrive. And, it was Fantastic!

The sky pencils by the Pool doubled in height this Spring
I prefer the pool at 84 degrees but I was
more than Happy for the 82 it was today!
I was against Sky pencils when he planted them. I thought
they were all Wrong for this spot
But once again, the one of us that knows Gardening knew best
His delphinium Deserves another look today!
Such a beautiful Lavender color
This yellow-Spiky plants seems to have come Up overnight!
I don't know what This plant is... But I like it!

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