Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in the Garden

Could not wait to get outside this Morning! The weather was Perfect and there wasn't a thing I had to do... I was free to watch the Garden grow, which isn't a bad way to spend Mother's Day, if you ask me!

The ducks were by early to wade in the Creek and have breakfast
I see the Pond iris he divided and planted
down by the creek last fall Bloomed today!
Feeding the fish their breakfast
there are a Million tadpoles in the pond right now!
Here comes Mrs. Duck for her breakfast!
Wherever she goes, he Follows and is never too far behind...
I spy Blue sky, Pink azaleas and lavender-colored wisteria...
and Silvery lamb's ear and bubblegum Supertunias on the deck!
And, baby Cardinals in the nest high on the Garden arbor in the yard
Over down on the Woodshed the Momma bluebird
is busy Feeding her babies this morning!
See the Chipmunk? Look closely... He's right there on the
flat rock under the Light fixture on the front of the deck
If you click to Enlarge this photo, you'll see Chip
again. He's sitting there on the Edge of the bridge
Now it's Dad's turn to feed the Bluebird babies...
You should hear all the commotion going on!
Any day spent in this Garden is a good day!

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