Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Check on the List!

As the product of the Virginia public school system in the 60's, and the biggest Civil War history fanatic I know, Wonderhubby has a whole list of historical sites to see in the South. And, this is one of them. Andersonville and the National Prisoner of War museum. All I have to say is, Ugh!

To learn more go Here

The museum is Full of P.O.W. memorabilia and stories
and there are Even mock-ups of cells, Tiger cages
and other stuff I didn't photograph on Purpose

because it's just too Depressing and sad. I respect
the History and the People. But I don't have to like it

There it is. Camp Sumter... Said he First heard about it in
the 5th grade and always knew he would see it in person Some day

Today was that day! Today was also the 100th Anniversary of the dedication
of the Wirz monument by the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Read about that Here

As we drove along listening to the Self guided tour CD it began to storm

We were surrounded by Long bolts of Lightening, like the one I imagined
brought about the Miracle of Providence Spring here at the Stockade

For me, this was the only Bright spot of the tour

seeing the Spring and Brandon, of course!

For 150 years, since the Lightening strike that delivered
it, this Spring has been flowing. A park ranger stopped by
with a Little boy to help him Fill one of the small bottles sold
at the Museum gift shop that you can bring to the Spring to take
with you as a Souvenir. She said there are a few nearby Residents, now
in their Nineties that come by regularly to fill jugs with the water their
Ancestors drank here. The ranger said, "They drink it and they swear by it"

Swear by it for what she said she Does not know

I took home a Souvenir bottle too. A sign of Life on this acreage of Misery and death

the First white stake marks the line where the Stockade wall
ended. The Second stake in the ground marks the Dead Line
because anyone that crossed that line was Shot dead

State monuments

this area of the Stockade recreates the Georgia pine timber
stockade walls and some of the types of Shelters prisoners built
to protect from the Harsh elements out here. There were some Tourists
posing next to these Tents, which I think is just ridiculous. One group of
three asked me to snap them Together. I refused and just walked away

Such a sad and Miserable place. I mostly focused on the Stormy sky

Entrance of the Andersonville National Cemetery

stockade Prisoner burial grounds

Far too many Grave markers here...

in Andersonville, Georgia. I'm happy to Check this off the list!

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