Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best $25 I spent all week!

There are some Great deals posted to the on-line HbI employee classifieds, and on Tuesday I reeled one in! 

I don't know how I missed it when they First hit the market but apparently, Crock Pot (Rival) put out a BBQ pit-style slow Cooker a couple of years ago. Who knew? Evidently, a girl at work knew because she Bought one at Macy*s... For $130.00.

Fortunately for me, she only used it twice and Decided to list it for sale this week for $25, or best offer. I quickly looked it up on-line, read the First customer review I found, (it was a Rave!) and promptly called to Offer her the asking price. After dinner tonight I can confirm for you that it was the Best $25 I spent all week! My friend in Monterey was so excited about it that she asked me to Find her one too, and I did! There are a few listed on e-Bay but most of them list Shipping costs exceeding the cost of the machine! So I searched Craig's List and quickly found one in Glendale for only $15! MC's son lives in Riverside so he's Picking it up tonight. Yea!

The only downside to my new Appliance is that it cannot be used on top of my new Corian island or countertops. Luckily, I haven't yet gotten around to giving away the old Butcher block that topped my kitchen island before, so I was able to station the Cooker on it out in the solarium. Problem solved! 

Any way, I decided to Brine my chicken overnight. I've brined plenty of Turkeys but I've never bothered to brine my Chickens - big Mistake! And, one I vow Never to make again.

1/2 cup Kosher salt, 1/2 cup sugar, Plenty of garlic, some Trader
Joe's chopped basil and Lemon slices go into a Garbage bag  

Add one Whole fryer (I slid a few Lemon slices under the skin) and
one Gallon of cold water. Tie the bag and refrigerate 6-12 hours

Clearly, this Roaster is big enough to hold a Variety of things... I'm thinking
small Turkey, Boston butt, several cornish Hens and maybe two Large chickens!

But for today's maiden Voyage, it's just
this Solo-chicken. See ya in Four hours!

Gotta get back to Work now...

Gracious! The solarium Smells ah-Mazing! Lemon, basil
and Garlic - Yum! And, this is why... I love that it Browned!

I will be Brining and roasting my chickens This way from now on!
Next, we try the Babyback ribs recipe... Stay tuned! 



  2. You are SUCH a brat!

    Not everyone can live in Texas, where Basil apparently grows all year long...

    My basil is coming, don't you worry! :P


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