Friday, May 22, 2009

Best walk in the Garden in a while...

Could not Wait to get home this evening for the Obvious reason... BRANDON'S HOME! But there's always the Spin I take around the gardens to see what's new to Look forward to as well. Tonight I noticed immediately that the Rhododendron hedge is about to Burst open in bloom

Because it's Full of blooms!

In a few days this will be an Explosion of purple!

Looks like we have an Early bird bloomer down here by the Arbor!

And, a late-Bloomer in this azalea that's just about to Pop too!

I love this Time of year... Everything is Gorgeous in the garden and
we can Enjoy it without the extreme Heat that summer brings

I love this time of year for Tadpoles in the pond too!

Every day they are bigger, and Fewer!

Love, love, love Hostas!

and, the way the Evening sun plays in the creek

Every branch is green and Reaching

and the Ferns are awake and Amazing!

It's super-cool over here in the Woodline. This has been
the Best walk in the garden in a while...

Because at the end of my round this evening I see Brandon
in the front yard where he's Walking off his run!

Army Training, Sir. Seeing Brandon do PT in his boots, I just
can't get that line from the movie Stripes out of my head!

No day off from PT for this Soldier

And, that's okay. But I think it's Shower time now!

It's Memorial day weekend and you Know what that means...

it means this family flies Extra flags!

while setting the Table in the solarium Brandon walked up to
greet Bing who was sitting in the window Watching him with me

Brandon said he loves his Dad's garden place...

Some things Never change... I'm cooking, which
means Brandon's in the kitchen with me

It's dinnertime now. And, where's Bing? Right here
on the table - positioned as close to Brandon as he can get

Bing watched Brandon's every bite and didn't leave the Table until he did

Brandon's home. There is Peace and calm again...

and Bing wearing Dogtags

Brandon says this is the Only way to ensure his clothes remain his after
Laundry exercises. That won't be a Problem here at home!

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