Thursday, May 7, 2009

another Special thing...

I told you the other day that during our visit with him, Brandon gave us several special things to take with us... The portrait I already shared with You and now this. It is a Graduation ring from Infantry school. When Brandon pulled it from his pocket at dinner to give it to me, I was overwhelmed. But not for the reason you might think.

You see, I offered (many times!) but Brandon did not want a High School ring. I offered again, (many times!) but Brandon didn't want a College ring during the two and a half years he attended ASU either. So for Brandon to buy this ring, on his own, to Signify his graduation from Infantry school, it confirmed something really, really big. Huge, even. The purchase of the Ring confirms to me the pride Brandon feels having successfully graduated Army Basic Training, and the fact that he is now, officially, a soldier. The fact that he gave Me the ring in such a grand manner, after Showing it first to his dad and my mom and dad earlier in the day, saying it was a surprise for me, solidifies the connection I believe Brandon wants me to make with his New life. And, likely, with the new Brandon he feels he's become by joining the Army. It's a lot to take in. Believe me. It's a lot to take in...

Opposite Infantry you see there around the bottom of the Stone
there is Follow Me around the top. I would Follow Brandon...

As I took the ring from his hands, Brandon asked me to look on the sides. He
said what he had put there are his Reasons for joining. I see Country on this side

and Family on this side. Every day since Brandon was born, I've loved
him more and more. The minute he gave me this Graduation ring I think
my Love for him Grew ahead of me by a hundred years. He is Truly my heart...

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