Friday, May 8, 2009

New Counter Tops... Take two!

Remember the New counter top project I was all Excited about? Remember there were some issues (Big!) but I said I was Confident Costco and their contractor, Old Castle Surfaces in Winston-Salem would make it right? Well, they did. But only because Costco was standing behind Me and watching them!

Little did I know, (or expect) that the big Fix would require them to take the whole Counter top out of the kitchen this morning. Luckily, I don't go to bed unless the Kitchen is clean! It was quite a shock, especially because I hadn't moved a thing off the counters. I was only expecting them to take care of the minor Issues today but this Team came prepared to bang out my entire Punch list. After I found out the kitchen had to come apart and they were going all the way, Mel, the manager, knew this didn't make me happy! But, just before we threw them out, Mel said I could leave and she would come Back to meet me after work to go over all the Repairs with me to ensure I was happy. Lucky for them... That worked!

As I watched my pretty new Counter top go back out the door I couldn't
help but think to myself, the Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away...

Manager Mel knew she better get Involved to make this go away! There's the biggest Problem... That section on the end. The first seam wasn't
quite right and the color and Pattern match to the Corner section just
wasn't as Perfect as the job is everywhere else In my kitchen

Seeing my new Counter top back outside and watching this Saw tear
into it was a bit Unnerving. Okay, a Lot unnerving! But Mel said there
was only one way to replace this section... And, that was to Cut it off!

I'm thrilled to say my new Counter top is now back in the Kitchen, where
it belongs... And, the new section Old Castle fabricated to make me Happy is
an Improvement (still not perfect) over the first Match they attempted. All things
considered, and now that the Kitchen is all put back together again, I'm glad
everything was Knocked out today! The check (for all the trouble) Costco is sending
me almost makes up for what I had to endure. I sure Won't be doing this again!

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