Friday, April 10, 2009

We did it!

We being Wonderhubby and the mouse in my Pocket, of course. I lent plenty of Moral support and snacks to the project though. Now I owe someone Dinner. And, probably desert and a Back rub too...

We are Ready for new Counter tops now!
The blue tape on the Lazy-susan in the corner is a note to myself about where
I've put the Screws to secure the pole to the underside of the new counter
Look honey! We've been robbed and all they Took is our counters
He still has the Sink to remove but I can't live without
a Kitchen sink for two weeks so it'll be the Last thing to
go. Besides, it's cast iron so it's going to take Two people
to remove it and these Two people have accomplished
quite enough work for one day! Don't you agree?

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