Monday, April 20, 2009

Army Mom cupcake-Pops!

We are on our way to Fort Benning tomorrow afternoon for Brandon's graduation from Basic Training. It's incredible how Quickly these three and a half months have passed. I can say that now, now that it's coming to an End because honestly, there were days (weeks/months) I thought this would Never end and I'd never see my Brandon again. But here we are... Basic Training is over and Brandon Turns Blue on Thursday. Mom and dad are flying in from Monterey on Wednesday and it'll be the first time we've all been Together since Brandon graduated from high school in 2006. It's going to be great! Except for the part about being at Fort Benning and all that it means... But don't get me started on that or we'll be here all night!

Look! I just finished Brandon's cupcake pops... Infantry Blue, of course! 

All wrapped up and Ready to go...
Tell me that blue Ribbon with stars isn't perfect!

White tops, blue bottoms

I have to tell you... It was as if Bakerella herself was guiding me tonight because
by the time I began making the Second batch (with a German chocolate cake) I had this
cupcake-Pop thing DOWN! Suddenly, it got so easy and Every cake ball I rolled and formed
into the little cupcake Shapes was PERFECT! I couldn't believe it... Everything just went my way!

Bakerella would be so Proud!

I know I am!

I think Brandon's going to Love my cupcake-pops! Mom and dad too...
Especially Dad. He's a push-over for anything Chocolate!

I could have Stopped this little exercise an hour ago except for Two reasons...
One, I love my co-workers and think they Deserve cupcake-pop Tuesday tomorrow
and two, I wanted to clear all cupcake pop making Supplies from my kitchen. Now that
all the Chocolate melts are gone I won't be tempted to make any more Cupcake pops!

Because seriously, making Cupcake pops can be addicting!

Not bad for a Girl with no counter tops in her Kitchen, huh?

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