Friday, April 17, 2009

Easy seeing Green!

On our walk this Beautiful spring evening we found Plenty of green!
And, of course, there's the Burgundy that greets us at the Front door...

Wonderhubby is making the Most of his time at home these days, and
I must say that Having him working out in the yards full time is Working out
quite Nicely for me too! Unfortunately, I don't pay as well as his Job did. Huh?

Thankfully, he Gardens for me well beyond the level of Compensation he receives

I've recently asked that more Dogwood trees
be planted. Everywhere. He said he'll get right on it!

the More the better, I say!

Now entering Azalea heaven!

This is one of the Very first azaleas we bought together and he Planted for me
after we Moved here. For seventeen years he tried to show me the Beauty of his
favorite flowering shrub in Monterey, but azaleas don't grow there. At all. Every year when
his azaleas failed I'd ask him, What is so special about those Crispy little brown blooms? And,
he would say, They aren't supposed to be Brown or crispy, Silly! Just wait, I'll show you what
an Azalea is supposed to look like one day. And, he did. And, this purple is my Favorite kind!

That red Azalea I told you was about to Pop last week Popped!

Look! The trees are Coming back!

Pure, beautiful White azalea blossoms Excite me almost as Much as the purple!

Look at this Moss sprouting on the Bird bath by the pond!
The Japanese maple in the background is Lovely and look at
the Rainbow that showed up in the bottom of my photo...

The rainbow Followed into my second shot too!

Hostas. Oh, boy... I do love my hostas! The deer love them too so I'm in a bit of Trouble
with him for attracting the deer to our Yard with food. Too bad! Not giving up the Deer!

This is a find from our Stop at the Farmer's Market in Greensboro last
weekend! It took it a Week but the tree finally told him where it Belonged in
our landscape. I think it Looks terrific here by the pond. Trees are seldom wrong!

More beautiful trees on their way back...

Here come the Ferns too! The Japanese painted ferns are my Favorite

Well hello Pond iris... Welcome back!

Long shadows of Early evening on the Lush green lawn gets me every time!

That Single tulip on the deck is still going Strong two weeks after
she bloomed! What's funny is the little Flowers around it was an
annual he Planted two years ago that keeps Coming back every spring! 

the purple Phlox in the pot is back too!

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