Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Public Service Countertops, Dux and Tulips

I am calling this Blog post a counter top Public service because I believe I am the FIRST person on the Internet to post a Photograph of a decent size piece of Corian's private collection Rain Cloud counter top.

I have scoured the Web for months and months searching for photos of this product in a Piece bigger than a Triscuit, and/or installed in a real kitchen, and with the exception of this one example, it just doesn't exist. So I'm doing it and I'll do it again after my Counter tops are installed too. Because I am generous. I like to Share. And, I'm a People-person that way.

I first learned of this option to Carrera marble watching that HGTV show, Spice Up my Kitchen. I usually never watch the show because there's Never (ever) been a design I thought was worthy of my consideration. However, there was this one episode I stumbled upon just as it was Ending and there it was.... a Corian counter top that is Carrera marble-like. He's always wanted Corian and I've always wanted Carrera (without all the issues of Marble, please) so here we Go!

Who is helping us with this Project? Well, Costco, of course! We decided to go
through Costco's counter top program under our Executive membership, and I am
so glad we did! 3% cash back is good! We popped over at lunch to see...

There it is!
Meet my Corian. From Corian's Private
Collection. They call it Rain Cloud. I call it Yumminess...

Love, love, love! Even he said he thinks it will Look great with our cabinets...
I said it'll look Fantastic and he would have too but he Never says Fantastic

So that's it! We both love it and with the Exception of a slight disagreement
over our sink configuration, (we are Compromising) we're All in!
To see the finished project - counter tops installed, click here
Update 2012: I installed a little Cararra marble... Click here to see!

Okay, end of the Corian Rain Cloud public service... On to Ducks! Or as
Brandon's writes, Dux. I didn't make it home in Time to see them having dinner
in the back yard but I did catch their exit and this Glimpse of them heading up the creek

This Season our male has been hanging out with Two females... Stud-duck!

See ya tomorrow my little ducky Trio... I'll try to get Home on time!

Oh! My pretties...

I was looking forward to Yellow tulips tonight but
I do believe these babies Need another day in the nursery

But I will return... and I'll have my Scissors with me!


  1. my husband and i are building our dream home...i've been looking for the SAME rain cloud glad you posted yours! thanks! i love that!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm going to try and order a large sample now!

  3. love you for posting these ws a public svc as i too, have been searching the web for anything carrara-lk...TY!!


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