Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On a Spring stroll

Down at the pond I found Agapanthus coming up!
The ducks sure are Enjoying our backyard this evening!
They cruise in for Dinner, lounge to digest for
a while on the cool, Lush grass and then take Flight
Hostas, ferns, Japanese maples and Azaleas
... and Fish!
I see the Clematis by the pool is Showing off!
As soon as it Finishes blooming I'll ask him to cut it back a little
though because it's taking over this spot. And, we can't have that!
I see progress was made Today at the pool! The solar reel is set up, the Cover is on
and the Ladder and handrail are in. He's re-staining the Fence too and it looks great!
Nothing says Spring like a new nest and Bird's egg!
My favorite color is Yellow but these days it's all about the Green!
all the Shades of green!
Someone very sweet at work is just about to accept a Proposal and she's told me more
than once that she thinks under my Arbor would be a perfect spot to take their Vows
And, I agree. Of course, she has a standing Invitation to wed under my arbor
Because the only thing that could make a Blooming spring
arbor more Lovely is a beautiful Bride standing beneath it!
Any way... Looks like there is Progress being
made on the Roof across the street!

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