Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday walks in the Parks

Spent the late Afternoon walking through Guilford Courthouse Battlefield Park
in Greensboro. It was a Lovely day. Bright, warm sunshine and no Wind at all!

The largest, most hotly-contested battle of the Revolutionary War's Southern
Campaign was fought at the small North Carolina backcounty hamlet of Guilford
Courthouse on March 15, 1781. The battle proved to be the highwater mark of British
military operations in the Revolutionary War. British troops were lead here by Lord Charles
Cornwallis, while the American troops were lead by this man, General Nathanael Greene  

One of the most trusted Generals of the Revolutionary army 
was Nathanael Greene, Washington's friend and comrade-in-arms

We've visited this beautiful Battlefield park many times but I never
get Tired of wandering around it and reading about the Battle

Until next time, General Greene...

Now that's a Tree!

Monument to North Carolina troops

that fought German troops hired to fight with the British...

Love the spurs!

American Artillery

Big guns!

Next time we Visit the park we'll bring
our Bikes! Toady was a great day for a Long bike ride

Meanwhile, back at our Home park this evening...

this Red Azalea is just about to Pop!

The Bleeding Hearts have bloomed - I heart-them!

on the other side of the Bird bath we have white Bleeding hearts too

Welcome back Japanese maple by the Creek and koi pond

the Pond plants are coming up again!

those Tulips just keep coming!

Check out that pink Tulip between the two Yellow ones in the center
(click to enlarge)

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