Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cupcake pops... to-Go!

While he put the New plants we picked out yesterday at the Farmer's Market into the ground, Bing and I hung out on the deck to supervise. 

Some of us were further out on the Deck than others though... 

While we sat outside there was Cake baking inside! And, seeing it This way I'm
sure you know what's coming... I said I wouldn't do Cupcake Pops again any
time Soon... But after Brandon said he'd like to try them, how could I resist? 

I found this Ribbon at AC Moore this morning and think it's Perfect to secure the
bags over my Cupcake Pops! It's almost Infantry-blue and the stars make it Patriotic-
perfect too. Brandon asked me to, bring Lots so that he can offer some to his buddies... I made one red Velvet batch of 50 and tomorrow I'll finish another
batch of fifty I'm making with the German chocolate cake I baked too 

It's a good thing we are Driving to Ft. Benning this time because I'm sure
carrying 100 cupcake Pops on a plane would have been nearly Impossible!

To be continued...

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