Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How reading Always leads to Shopping!

I am slowly Reducing the number of magazines I subscribe to in an Effort to curb my (sometimes) debilitating on-line shopping habit... Between us, we currently Subscribe to 16 monthly magazines. Only eleven of those Subscriptions are mine. I say only Eleven because that's down from the 27 I subscribed to Three years ago, which I think is pretty Good and shows I'm making progress. Last month, I did not renew Dwell, Veranda, Family Circle or Good Housekeeping but I slipped and subscribed to Food and Wine. You know I don't Drink wine (or at all) but the recipes I saw while thumbing through an Issue standing in line at Whole Foods tipped me over.

Every Day with Rachael Ray is the next magazine I'm cutting. Every single one of her Recipes I've tried since her magazine debuted in 2005 has been a disaster. And, it's not just me since she's Often apologizing or challenging letters to her Magazine written by people asking if something in a published Recipe was a misprint/mistake or meant to be in there at all. Finally, there are times when I read her mag that I just can't get her annoying, Raspy voice out of my head, which I admit is probably just me. Any way, Rach is up in July so after almost Four years, she's through! And, I'm afraid that after nine Faithful years of subscription membership, Oprah's, O magazine is on my chopping block this Summer as well. There's just no reason to Keep her around any more after MO made her Cover this month... Made me Gag. A lot. And, we just can't have that!

One magazine I will never, ever give Up though is Country Living. There rarely is an issue of Country Living (or Cottage Living, Martha Stewart or Traditional Home) that doesn't Inspire me to buy something and I've never been Disappointed by any of the suggestions or in the Vendors peddling the wares. Just look at what I found now, on page 36 of the May issue of Country Living!

I usually only buy my Dish towels from
Williams-Sonoma but these were a Must-have!
You can pick up this super-Cute towel at Blue Ribbon General Store, like I
did. To make the shipping Charges worth while I picked up Some of these too...
I think these Towels will look great in my Kitchen after my new Counter tops are installed. My sweet
Bing thinks so too! Here he is camped out on my Knees while I surf the News and shop!

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