Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming home...

We were gone only Six days and I hardly recognize the neighborhood! Looks like the
house across the Street closed and the new neighbors have begun Work on the roof

Considering the view they have from their home, I think it's
about time the View from our property was improved too!

The first thing I noticed on my Walk this evening was the azaleas!

Every year I can't imagine them Prettier but every year they Prove me wrong!

I have sure Missed this...

and this.

The arbor Rose is blooming again... I can't imagine the Garden without it!

or the red Columbine

The blooms on this sweet little Dogwood tree thrill me but I favor
its Leaves the most! See the way the Color seems to bleed off the tips?

More beautiful Azaleas. They're a Good thing!

He found that little Sprite for the bird bath in Columbus this weekend

Everywhere I walk I'm seeing Green and I love it!

Well, hello there my little Wisteria!

Hostas amaze me. How they manage to go Away so completely and come back without
any Help at all just seems so Miraculous to me. I see why people Love them so much

Coming home to New leaves in the forest is the best way to come home!

New pond plants aren't bad either!

I was Way against this pond he wanted to build. Did you know that?

I was. He said I lacked vision to see what he Knew it would be... And, he was
right. I saw a mushy, Shady spot where I was convinced nothing would Ever grow 

But he knew. Something about Hostas, ferns, hostas, Ferns, hostas, ferns...

I should have known!

This is one example of where I'm glad he ignored me. Completely.

Very glad!

and when I see our Backyard I'm always glad he knows how to Ride a
mower! Because I can't. It's more that I won't but that's another story!

Look at that! A whole new patch of Iris!

I see Azaleas everywhere!

Pink is my Favorite!

The sky pencils grew a Foot in the six days we were gone. He said tomorrow
is Pool day. The new solar Cover and reel arrived while we were away and the pots
around the Pool need to be planted. And, then there is the matter of the Ladder and handrail
for the Steps to be installed. I just hope he has time to Pressure-wash the patio furniture!

These are the Best kind of spring snowballs

the Front yard looks like a picture today!

Little green Japanese maple in front of the Living room window is so back

the Boxwoods have a new Flush of growth too!

Man! That Japanese Maple just gets lovelier and lovelier
by the day. Doesn't it? It's so good to be Home!

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  1. You have such beautiful plants and the flowering trees are wonderful. I especially love hostas and mine are doing great this year.

    Thank you for a peek at your beautiful yard.


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