Thursday, April 30, 2009

Counter tops and More!

It's here! The day my New counter tops and Island top Finally arrived
I'm so ready for this... Let's go!
(click on photos to enlarge)

Being without Counter tops hasn't been much fun... Not just for the obvious Challenges it
presents in the kitchen but also because of the huge mess and and Wild disorganization
moving the whole kitchen into the Living room caused. You know... I hate disorganization!

As nice as this Butcher block island has been, I just needed more!

Here come my New counter tops and Island
top too! They are Late, late, late, but Finally here!

The sink looks pretty good... Even out here in the front yard!

The edge looks just like the edge in the photo of my Inspiration kitchen!

In we go! Slipped in right under my Subway tile
back splash as planned! No need to cut tile. Whew!

Brawn and Concentration is what this takes

I love watching Men at work...

So this is the Secret behind the Corian seamless seam... Looks serious!

Looks like technical Magic! At least now we know...

Lots of things Thrill me about the man I married but near the
top of my list is his Gardening skills, and his ability to install
a faucet and repair any plumbing problem you can Imagine!

Finally! Our counter top Project has come to an end

You know me so you know Perfect is my favorite thing...
And, what you see here is close-to-Perfect marriage
of the new Counter top with the edge of my stove

Allowing the counter top overhang to Extend an extra inch and
a half to make this Counter (beneath the cabinet where I keep
our glassware) a bit deeper was a great idea because it makes
this work surface even more usable than it was before

The best thing I did for this Project was decide to
revamp my Island with a larger top. I am more excited
about this new Work space than I can tell you!

There are some Issues we need to address tomorrow before I
agree to sign off... I have every confidence that the contractor
will take care of them and satisfy me completely. Until then,
I'll try not to lose too much sleep! (Update: Contractor forged
my husband's signature to get paid by Costco and then refused
to take care of the issues - Fortunately, I was able to prove, by
faxing copy of our tax return with my husband's signature on it,
that the signature was forged. Thank goodness we contracted
this job through Costco - They stood behind us, made the
contractor fix the issues with heir work, and came back to
ask me what they could do to make it right... Although I was
angry and could have probably demanded all of my money
back, I remained calm and reasonable and asked only for
$800 - Just enough to make my point to the contractor!)

Today there is a give away at The Pioneer Woman's blog where for a
prize she asks us to tell her which Kitchen item we cannot do without... After
being without counter tops for almost a month... Counter tops had to be
my answer. I mean, really! I have just about every kitchen tool and Gadget
imaginable but without Counter tops, NOTHING in the kitchen is possible!
To remind you... Before

I didn't end up with the Culinary faucet I thought I wanted
but I'm perfectly happy with the one we picked out together

Before again...

After again!
Guess who will be Back in her kitchen this Weekend!?

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  1. oh WOW!!!!!!! i love it! is that your cute hubby in the ball cap and shorts? oh...he is cute!

    ok...guess i'll be requesting these countertops...


    many blessings!

  2. How nice your kitchen looks....Now that you have a new kitchen, I guess we will be seeing a lot of the goodies you will be making.

  3. Hi! I love your kitchen! Tell me do you like it more than you think you would marble. I'm trying to decide between carrera marble and corian. I have corian now and I understand the price between the upgraded corian and marble is about the same. I LOVE the veining of carrera. Just curious?

  4. Hi, Susan!

    You know... To tell the truth, although I do love, love my new countertops and especially the integrated sink - I would still love to have the carrera just because it's carrera marble - I happen to not mind the cold feel of marble (and if you're a baker, like I am, what's better for dough rolling than cold marble? - nothing!) However, having said all of that... The Corian, while not as organic as the marble, CANNOT be beat for the durability it offers. You cannot damage it, and as you know, you have to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to be extra careful around carrera. Even spilled lemon juice will stain (forever) carrera marble and I simply cannot fathom having to seal my countertops every couple of years. ANY imperfection drives me crazy so carrera, while it will always be my dream, just isn't a practical choice for a true, working kitchen. Counter top in a butler's pantry that's never used? Absolutely, but for every day use, nothing beats this corian. And, as I've said on my blog - the mix of the look of carrera and the durability of Corian makes it a no-brainer. And the sink... the sink is a dream! I wish you the best of luck with your decision.

    PS - You should check out the Draper House blog too. Ashley saw my project (via my blog) and decided to go with this same Corian too - her kitchen is STUNNING so you must see her Corian rain cloud too - she chose to use a more sculpted edge than I did. Google The Draper House or go here:


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