Friday, April 10, 2009

I know Why...

Now I know why I baked and decorated Easter cupcakes until well after Midnight last night... Because this morning our Counter top project kicked into high Gear. And, guess who is Without a kitchen again for a while? This marks the Fourth time since we moved to North Carolina that I've packed and Unpacked my kitchen. The joke is that I have the Cleanest kitchen in North Carolina because I'm never in it Long enough to get it dirty. Everyone knows what a great cleaning opportunity Moving is and I have it down to a science! What's amazing is just how Much kitchen stuff I have. In fact, if I buy one more Kitchen item, SMACK ME!

I will say this though... This is one way to get Out of cooking Easter dinner!

This is what Happens when you love your Outdoor property too much to
just Move. So on we go. Next stop, new Counter tops. I hope...

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