Friday, April 3, 2009

At least the Day ended well!

You know I'm unwell when I can't make it to work... Or when I can't hold my head up to watch Martha cook pasta with John McEnroe - like she did on today's Episode of her show! Migraines suck and the one I woke up to at 1AM didn't loosen its Grip on my brain until almost two o'clock this afternoon. Just in time for Oprah. Too bad I never watch the Oprah show. I was happy to see the Sun finally shining after all the Rain we've had lately, which is likely the cause of all my headaches this week... I have to say that the only Bright spot to spending the day in bed was the soft, sweet Fragrance of the crabapple tree in Bloom below my bedroom window.
Any way, after my shower this evening I noticed the Ducks had arrived so I took a Short walk about the yards. And, Brandon called twice so at least the Day ended well!

Hello Mr. Mallard...
Depending on how I feel in the morning we'll be Visiting with our friend, Marsha
of Marsha's Koi for her Spring open house... Why? Because ONCE AGAIN this winter,
the (damn) Heron found our pond and ate almost All of my sweet Fishies. I am truly Heartbroken
over the Loss of my beautiful fish. T says, Heron have to eat too, and I'm all for feeding the Wildlife we
have on the property - But I am NOT running a Sushi bar here! I hand-picked all my Koi and get attached
to them. Strange, but Very true! So hopefully tomorrow the Pond will be completely $tocked again...
You'll recall these Hostas were just Tiny shoots a few days
ago and now they are Bushy bouquets of green
Hostas make me smile. I'll be smiling a lot in the Garden again this year!
Gracious! The tulips just keep coming and I'm so happy for them!
This has been the Best tulip year yet!
My yellows are Ready for their Close up in the Kitchen tomorrow...
See ya in the Morning my pretties... If I could bend over
without my head Popping off you'd be in Vases tonight!
I love the Gardens any time of day but Especially early in the Morning
and in the Evening, just as all the landscape Lighting zones come on!
Still lovely a week later... But clearly these Bloomers are on their way out. But
that's okay because we have fresh Replacements waiting their turn!

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