Saturday, September 19, 2009

ZMax Dragway Racing

Right across from Lowe's motor speedway in Concord...

Is the Zmax Dragway. We've never been to a NASCAR race (not our thing) or
a Drag race, for that matter. However, since the Airshow prize-pack I won on
the radio last week came with Tickets to these drag race Qualifying races, we
thought we would make the drive and see what all the Fuss is about

Just proves that you never know what might happen when you
get out of bed in the morning! One minute I'm strolling through a
peaceful garden and picking out Mums for the front porch, and the
next minute I'm looking for the nearest place to buy ear plugs!

Because these cars... They are loud!

Too loud for me!

Honestly, I had no idea this even went on!

But apparently it does. And it's a Big deal to these people!

It goes from fast cars to Fast bikes!

Really fast bikes!

Faster than any bike I ever saw at Laguna Seca, that's for sure!

Not the kinda hat you think of when you
think North Carolina drag Race fan. Huh?

Race track Zamboni!

These kinds of cars aren't as Loud as
the last group, which is nice for my ears!

That's a lot of people!

All here to see Cars go fast!

Now, these cars are fast! They are super-Loud and
when they go by, they make the stands shake!

There's the Army dragster!

Look at that! Army blew the other guy away! 316
miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. Now that's fast!

Here come the Next kind of rockets

I bet that's a Great view of the track length from up there!

There they go - with Fire shooting out of the sides!

There seems to be no Limit to what they will race here

I sure hope they Recycle here!

I think we have just about Seen every kind
of car race today. Oh, and motorcycles too!

This might be the last Race of the day because
the sky looks like it's just about to Open up

And here comes the Rain! Time for all of us to go home now...
This was fun and certainly worth the effort and drive. Can't say
that I would do it again but it's something we can Check off the list!
Tomorrow I'm baking cookies... Fall-inspired, Quiet cookies!

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