Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday at the Greensboro Farmers Market

I cannot tell you how Happy I am that I was able to talk my other
half out of going to New Bern this holiday weekend. As much as I enjoy
our little weekend Road-trips, I really wasn't looking forward to leaving
heaven on Wessex to compete for the highways with all the Beach-goers
desperate to dip their toes into the Sea one last time this summer

So we Slept in late, had a Late-late breakfast and then
took a quick drive over to the Greensboro farmers market

I love Farmers Markets!

It's really Tomato time now!

And, it's apparently Bean-time too... Look at these Red beans - Fantastic!

You know Fall is just around the corner when you see the Mums come out

Parking next to Smart Cars always cracks me up

Looks like I could tuck this one under my hood!

Oh, my... These are coming Home with me! I just picked up two big bags of
beautiful Summer corn and these peppers scream, Ina's Confetti Corn!

That's it - Ina's Confetti corn will do these peppers just right!

Have you ever seen prettier Produce? If I didn't know
better I'd swear we were at the Farmers market in Monterey!

I'm on the hunt for a couple of Urn planters so we have to check
out A.B. Seed. This is where I picked out the Fountain for the spot
we needed to fill by the Pool. They have the best pots and fountains!

Ewwww! Of course, he knew what this was
right away. It's called Pitcher plant. I call it Ewww!

Pitcher plant is definitely something I can live without!

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch... We're home now
and I've unloaded all my Farmers market finds

Dinner is going to be Fantastic!

But before I get started prepping the Veg for
dinner I need to get outside for a while

As usual, the Butterfly bush is full of butterflies. This
poor girl looks like she's seen better days though!

This sedum on the deck is full of Bumblers this afternoon

This coleus is pretty darn Happy here on the deck!

Remember when I said I believed his Summer tomato
garden was done for the year? I was quite wrong!

Time to prep for our Corn confetti!

Fresh corn right off the Cob smells amazing!

I knew as soon as I saw these peppers we
would be eating Ina's confetti corn tonight

Although, I could throw these on the Grill with
a little Drizzle of olive oil and be just as satisfied

Okay, so I have a little too much time to Play with my food!

There! All of my Prep-work is complete. Time for a bit
more Outside time before dinner... A swim perhaps! See? We
didn't have to go to New Bern or anywhere else this weekend!

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