Friday, September 18, 2009

Glorious rain!

It has been Raining for three days! Normally, this much rain and time Out of my pool would have me Complaining. Non-stop. However, not this time. These sustained, gentle Showers and cooler evenings now will make for a very Colorful fall in a few weeks - Which is always the goal in this area of North Carolina. I like to call this the prettiest part of North Carolina with a with a job. 

The state gets a bit more pretty further West, and certainly it is even more Beautiful in the mountains... But if you want to work at something other than the Hospitality industry, this is about as far west as I recommend you go. Yes, I do know North Carolina has nice beaches, but having lived in Paradise most of my life, that would be the Monterey Peninsula for those of you that don't know, there's nothing about eastern North Carolina or the Atlantic coast I can't live without. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the further East you go here, the worse the scenery and the Barbeque gets! And, now you know all about North Carolina... According to me. Having been to almost all of North Carolina's 100 counties, I feel Practically expert on the subject - Ha!

Pretty soon our Trees will be on fire with color. And, I can't wait! Some people say the
changing Seasons is a reminder of how time marches on and it makes them, (mom and
dad) feel old. Not me! I view each change of season as Exciting and it's something I look
forward to. Although I have to tell you that I prefer the Trees with their leaves. As soon as
the leaves are gone I begin to wish for Snow! And if it doesn't snow, I start wishing for Spring!

Well hello there, Charlotte! Now, you stay down here by
the Pool equipment shed. And, forget you ever Saw me!

His hostas are at the Peak of their growing
season right now... It's all Downhill from here!

Amazing foliage and gorgeous Hydrangea plants. Speaking of plants... Guess
who will be at a Plant sale tomorrow morning before they head to Charlotte? And, he
wants to be up and Out of the house by 9:30AM so we can stroll through Reynolda Gardens
before the sale too. Whatever happened to my Saturday sleep-In is what I want to know!

All this rain has brought the water level in the koi Pond way up! 

Every time I ask him if it's okay, he
reminds me that my Fish won't drown...

But I already knew that!

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