Saturday, September 5, 2009

Farmers market Saturday - the End!

I know I should be inside Finishing dinner
but it's really difficult when outside is so great!
He has all the Sprinklers going so I have to time
my stroll through the Gardens tonight just right
Whew! I made it, and I'm only slightly Damp on one side!
Here's Ina's corn confetti! We began our day at
the Farmers Market, and this is where it pays off!
The sweet potato he Picked out at the farmers
market is just begging to be mashed...
... with Butter, of course!
A little Brown sugar finishes it off
Smashed sweet potato to go with his Grilled pork chop
His yum...
I don't care for Pork so I'll have my grilled chicken breast over
penne with basil Pesto, parmesan and a few pine nuts. My yum!

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