Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday quiet and Calm

I found these too-Cute ribbons last week... I think
they will be perfect to secure my Cookie bags! 
This is indeed the Best sugar cookie dough I've ever tried!
And today, I made a Bunch of it!
While our cookie dough Rests it's time for me
to spend a little time with Bing and outside!
Obviously, Bing owns the solarium!
And, he knows it!
I enjoy the solarium too. My favorite part is the View!
Still cracks me up that his Azalea is blooming in late September
This evergreen under the Azalea has really taken off this year
Down at the Pond the faux heron is peeking over the waterfall
Back on the deck, the Coleus is in full bloom this weekend!
Dough is rested now so it is Time to bake!
We are having Visitors this week... There's a group coming
to Tour his gardens, and I can't think of a Better way to end the
tour than to offer a little bag of Fall-inspired decorated cookies
So I'm making Pumpkins
and Leaves!
Oak leaves and Maple leaves
Before they can be baked though, they must Chill in the freezer
... is a word Bing knows all about!
He's practically an Expert at it
The only thing he does better is Snuggling and begging for treats
Look... Fall leaves!
And pumpkins, of course!
Sweet, tender pumpkins!
I have Nineteen of each shape. That should be Quite enough!
This is it! The last sheet of Cookies for today
I think I'll need to make a Double batch of royal icing today!
I have a Tri-tip marinating that needs my attention now so I'll
be back to Decorate my Fall-inspired cookies a bit later!

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