Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Service for 8, sans the Service

So after waiting a year, I finally pull the Great White Monogrammed
dinnerware off my Pottery Barn wish list and order a service for eight. And, the
matching platter too. And, I waited. And, waited... When it doesn't show up as promised
and I call to inquire about my order, I am reminded that it's a, Custom item and therefore,
it will take longer. Fine. So I wait some more. Finally, my order arrives and I get to jump Up
and down with happiness. However, my happiness is short-lived because I discover that my
Great White dinnerware wasn't white at all. Instead, it was Gray. And, worse, every plate and
the platter has a major defect too. And, because monogrammed items cannot be Returned, I
had to prove to Pottery Barn that my plates and the platter were defective. So I marked up
all the plates with a grease Pencil to highlight the many defects, and took photos
to send the Pottery Barn manager in Las Vegas assigned to my order
(click to Enlarge)

After careful review, my $400+ Order was approved for return and I was invited to
place a replacement order. So I did. And, I waited. And, waited. And, I waited some
more. When the order didn't arrive as promised on August 17th, I called the manager
now assigned to my order and guess what she did? She sent me an e-mail and included 
a Screen shot of the on-line catalog page for my dinnerware, highlighting the section
that warns of a 2-4 weeks delay for these custom items. Oh, yes she did! Knowing full well
that the replacement order was placed (by her) five weeks ago. And, she did this AFTER she
sent me a message telling me to expect the dinnerware on the 17th! But now I'm the bad-guy
for demanding that only her Supervisor contact me from now on. Hum... So after coming back
to me with a new Ship date of 09/10 last week, I suddenly get my replacement Order today! And,
it's White! But what is that I see all over my new plates? Even more Defects than before!

Now I know this Great country is at war, and there are puppies being
euthanized in Shelters in every city tonight - So I admit, this is very small
potatoes. But sharp bumps all over my Custom dinnerware that actually draw
blood from my thumbs as I pulled the pieces from the boxes is Frustrating as heck!

Nothing says Custom dinnerware like rippled plate edges... Right?

Of eight Salad plates, six are defective

Of eight Dinner plates, five are defective. Pottery Barn management
in Las Vegas got these photos tonight too. They are discussing and reviewing
them. And, they've said they'll get back to me after they have a chance to contact
their Vendor responsible for manufacturing these Custom pieces. Want to know
something Funny? When I first ordered this dinnerware in June, I suggested to
mom that she get some too - But with a C, of course. So mom added a set to her
order for the Monogrammed headboard. And, you know what? Mom's
plates arrived to her in just 10 days and all of them arrived Perfect!  

Someone always likes to tell me that Perfection doesn't exist. Which is funny
coming from a man who likes a lot of Perfect with his cupcake. But in this case,
he's wrong because while I am missing half the Desert plates I ordered, the half
that did get delivered are absolutely Perfect... So I know Pottery Barn can do it! 

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