Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday morning at Reynolda Gardens

Here we are at Reynolda Village for our early-Fall tour
of the gardens. And, there's Nelly waiting to greet us!

Nelly is the sweetest cat. She has lymphoma and there's a tumor near her little
heart. She's also missing an ear and I think she's a little on the thin side. But that
never stops Nelly-kitty from being super friendly, or from  joining us on our tour!

Just around the Greenhouse we go...

And into Reynolda Gardens

You may remember This visit in winter

He says Winter is a great time for gardens because it reveals
a garden's structure. I prefer the other three seasons more...

Just a difference of preference I suppose...

Like preferring the Front of the greenhouse to the back. It's so pretty!

Especially since it looks out Over the gardens!

Here comes Nelly. She's leading the way...

Leading us right into the Vegetable gardens

We've been to visit these gardens a hundred
times now. And I'm still impressed Every time!

I don't know what this Vine is with its
curly little Blooms... but I must have one!

This is another Must have... Just look at those leaves!

He tells me this is the same rose he planted on our arbor. I sure
hope I live long enough to see our Arbor this over-grown!

Roses as far as the Eye can see!

Every color is present and Accounted for!

You just know there are Surprises waiting
to be Discovered behind every hedge

Like this! Oh, how I do enjoy Yellow roses....

And this is a Favorite of mine!

This one too - Just look at all these roses!

And overlooking the roses is the Play house. I've only seen this style
roof in one other place and that's Carmel-by-the-sea. My favorite!

Every time we visit the property and Gardens that belonged to the Reynolds family
I cannot help but Imagine what it was like for them to live and Play here

What the Gardens might have looked like back then... How much this view
from their Play house might have changed, or remained the same

Was this always the Rose garden?

I like to think so...

This is some fabulously colored Corner, huh?


This grass looks like Fireworks!

There's Nelly right behind us. She's such a good
tour guide... Always minding the paths as she goes

I wonder how many Times a day she makes these rounds?

Here's the Gourd garden!

Any way you look at it... This is a gorgeous Garden!

Especially looking at it from here!

I wish we could have Water lilies in our pond at home. Unfortunately, it
doesn't get enough Sun so we can't. We have other water plants though...

Such a tranquil little spot this is

What a perfect Blossom. See the little Bee there in the middle, on the left?

There are four of these Spectacular wisteria
trees and I love every one of them!

You could spend the Whole day in this garden and not discover everything

Inside the greenhouse we see these Incredible orchids

We need a Greenhouse at home!

I love visiting Reynolda Gardens...

I can't imagine a lovelier way to spend this Saturday morning!

After touring Reynolda Gardens we stopped at the plant sale
where someone picked up a Wheelbarrow full of new plants 

I picked up three baskets of Mums at the
plant sale. To me, Mums always mean Fall is here

I call them Mumbles

They add a little something to the Entry for fall

They improve the View from inside too! Pretty soon
the Japanese maple will be the same color as my new Mums

We're off to the Drag races, Bing. You stay here. Hold
down the solarium and watch the Leaves fall for me

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