Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Sunday morning!

Welcome to my Sunday morning kitchen-window view!
(click to enlarge gorgeous Doves, early sunlight and juicy Green scenery)
Before I get started baking I have a question for you...
How much do we love this Rolling pin?
It's a Big one! Just the Commercial-grade, cookie-making rolling pin I've been
looking for! And, get this... I found it last week at the Best kept secret for
cooking and baking Supplies in my area - Joyce Brothers! That amazing
rolling pin cost me just $8.50. So exciting... I almost bought eighty!
Glad I didn't buy This one since mine cost just a
pinch over $9.00, and I didn't have to pay shipping!
You already know how much I paid for this - Now,
go Here to see how much I almost paid for it! Paying so
much less will make my Bread baking so much happier!
Okay, enough of my Shopping secrets... Let's bake!
Today I'm going to try Pie Near Woman's Tres Leches cake
The fact that I get to separate eggs makes me Love this recipe already
Five beautiful Jumbo eggs separated
Yolks, meet Sugar!
Mixing egg Yolks with sugar until pale yellow
Looks pale yellow to me! Now pouring it
over the flour, salt and Baking powder
Now for my Egg whites
I just read where the recipe says Stiff but not dry - Oh, dear!
and, they still appear Glossy-wet to me!
Whew! I hate touch-and-Go mixing scenarios!
Folded together Gently until combined
Leave it to Pioneer Woman to suggest a recipe requiring a serving piece I
do not own. I have round rimmed Platters and plenty of square and Oval rimmed
platters... But not one stinking Rectangular rimmed platter! You and I both know
that I'd be at Macy*s right now buying one; however, since it is Sunday
and my better-half is already out of bed, I won't be shopping today!
So I'm adding one rectangular rimmed Platter to my
list and for today, will just have to make this work!
It took a fair amount of Flash-dancing to get my
cake turned out into my square Rimmed platter. But I did it!
The sweet man cleaning my Pool just asked if his lunch was
ready yet... So excuse me while I prepare his lunch!
While I've been baking, he's been preparing the Outside so
that we can Lounge around in the pool this afternoon
So he's Earned a little lunch!
I'm off to play outside now... I'll be back to finish
our Tres Leches cake a bit later. See you then!

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