Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wii may Never leave...

... the Living room!

Wii, as in We! stopped at the video store yesterday on the way home and while he
browsed, the Clerk invited me to play Wii with him. He clicked on Bowling
and I was hooked. It was so much fun!! I couldn't wait to get to Costco
this morning to get my very own Wii system, and I love it! It also gives
us an Excuse to use the living room again. Now that the boys are
(#1) in the Army... sniff, sniff and (#2) living on his own, our
living room, where they once watched Cartoons and played
their PlayStations and XBOX360 games was feeling quite
empty. But not any more! Because I plan to be in there
kicking lots of Wii sports butt! Tomorrow I'll hunt
down a Wii Fit - Because Costco was sold out!

We both did Much better at Wii bowling than we
ever have bowling in non-Virtual reality! Wii baseball makes
me fall down laughing... It's so much fun!  


  1. I love the Wii too,just need an excuse to play!!

  2. It is!! Will be perfect for Wintertime too when we cannot be outside as much!

    What's annoying is how many times me and my husband ask each other, "Wanna wheeeee with me?" :P

  3. I've got my Wii as well, I just never play it. sigh. Anyway, yeah I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail that to me.


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