Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tres Leches cake... parte Dos!

If you missed parte Uno and want the recipe, go Here

Adding one can of Evaporated milk to the
condensed milk already in my Measured cup

On top of the Evapo-milk I added the
heavy cream - therefore, Three milks!

Poking holes into our Cake so that it may receive the milks

Just close your Eyes and do it! Trust the Science that is baking...

Like a sponge...

... this cake can Handle the milk!

See? It works!

Thirty minutes later, our cake has Absorbed all its milk!

To top it off - only Sweetened whipped cream will do!

3 tablespoons of Sugar makes our whipped cream sweet!

Gotta improvise until Kitchenaid puts out a splash-
guard for their new 90th anniversary stand mixer

Like magic!

Ready, set...



See? Just like a Sponge!

Topped elegantly with a single Maraschino cherry - Ha!

Time for Tres Leches cake by the pool!

Taste-tester LOVED the cake. First, he wanted to know what the filling
was inside of it and Why he couldn't see it. Then he said it's like eating
cake and drinking a Cold glass of milk at the same time. Nearing the
end, he said this is an amazing cake because it tastes like cake
and Ice cream mixed together. As he put his fork down
he told me to serve it again, tonight after dinner!

Hello there, Butterfly!

This azalea poking through the pool fence by the sky
pencils is blooming... Maybe it thinks it's spring!

Living here has always been about the View!

Everywhere I look I see green. I prefer seeing Green to neighbors...

Long way from sharing a fence
with Five neighbors on a postage-stamp lot

Look! My raspberries are ready to come
inside to top my Tres Leches cake after dinner

Azaleas are blooming on this side of the yard too!

Time to go inside... One more look at Up-side-down Butterfly butt before I go!

Before taking our Tres Leches out pool-side, I threw a bunch of
boneless Beef ribs into my Crock Pot BBQ pit in the solarium

Now that we're just an hour out, I'll cover them in onions...

... and, a little Brown sugar/honey BBQ
sauce - Dinner's at six. See you then!

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