Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working on it!

Woke up this afternoon from my Second nap ready to admit that I've been feeling Homesick since my return from Monterey one week ago today... 

Homesick for mom and dad, homesick for the beautiful Scenery I traded in for North Carolina, homesick for the Friends I saw again, and just homesick in General. I don't usually get Down and I've never, ever felt like I've been Depressed in any way that mattered... Even when things aren't going just My way I can't help but feel Happy and inspired by my Life. Besides, when things don't go my Way I'm always too busy working my Plan B, which is always to make Plan A work, to be bothered. Nevertheless, my dad's illness and Surgery and my trip back Home and the great time we had just being Together, thrown on top of missing Brandon the same way I imagine missing my right arm if it were Severed at the elbow, has had me feeling slightly blue. 

Fortunately, I am my Father's daughter, so today I pulled up my Big-girl panties and decided to GET THE HELL ON WITH IT before anyone besides Me noticed!

And, I couldn't think of a Better way to get Happy again than to replicate the dinner my Mom made my first night back on the Peninsula. Besides, those Ten bottles of White Balsamic Vinegar I bought at Trader Joe's in Monterey survived being checked through Continental all the way back to North Carolina so it was High time to pay some Serious homage!

Well, lookie-there! Dole as a salad Mix with a White Balsamic
Vinaigrette. How nice for them! But I'll make my own, Thank you!
Shopping for Bell peppers, these signs Alarmed me a little... The yellow Highlight on the sign
there screams, CAUTION! to me, the same way Police tape does... And, the Way they went
out of their way to denote, Product of Mexico has me more than a bit worried too...
Although Phillip, the produce guy, said it's always Been there, I've never noticed
this Sign before. Hum... I wonder what he would do if I asked him to Toss together
a quick Salad to allow me a taste of his fine Vegetables before I commit to buying
them... I'd start with those Suspect looking Bell peppers from Mexico!
I-Heart-You, Trader Joe's White Balsamic Vinegar! And, since you were
packed in with all my Clothes and good Shoes, I'm so glad you Made it!
I wasn't Kidding... I'm scrubbing those Peppers!
Kitchen time = Bing time!
I mixed Dole's Baby Lettuces mix with a bag of
their European salad Mix. Into the Bowl they go!
putting my German wieners on...
... to boil. The trick is Not to pop them!
Back to our Salad-making extravaganza!
Sure is Pretty and I haven't even added those Mexican peppers yet!
a little Kosher salt
and, lots of Cracked black pepper makes it Better!
and Now for the Magic! Mom said it doesn't take much... However,
when I asked her, How much do I add? she just said, You'll know... 
Now I've added the olive oil too.  This smells Ah-mazing!
finished with a little Feta and a toss!
I was careful to add just a little Vinegar before I tasted... I was close
so I added just a splash more until it was Just like mom's. Perfect! 
This is what Carmel Valley in Summer
tastes like to me... Where is my Fork?
Now, this can Cure homesickness...
... well, Almost. I'm working on it!

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