Saturday, February 7, 2009

the Wonderful rocky Pacific Coast

On our way back Home for dinner we stopped in Pacific Grove
I took some Photos of the Apartment complexes we managed here...
It wasn't always a Fun job but I loved living in Pacific Grove because
from our door to touch the water was only 2 miles. Fantastic!
John Denver fell out of the Sky just out over there... We were
sitting on a Bench that day with the boys looking at this same view
it is a Powerful sea, indeed!
the Air out here is Amazing!
looks Nothing like the North Carolina coast, huh?
So the squirrels in North Carolina live in the trees... But the squirrels in
Pacific Grove live in the ground. That's why they're called, Ground Squirrels
And, while the Squirrels in North Carolina suck up 50 pounds of black oil Sunflower
seeds from me every couple of Weeks, they're not friendly. Not like these guys!
LOOK AT THIS FACE!! This little guy came right up to Greet me. Of course, he
was also hoping I had something with me... A treat or two. He clapped his little
paws together and then held them still. I was in Love! Of course, dad says this is
most Likely one of those Actor squirrels up from LA trained to charm tourists
out of Treats, like me! Fortunately, mom had a South Beach bar in her car... 
Just in case you Missed it... 
What a face!
Yum, yum... South Beach diet bars are Good!
When the boys were Little we'd bring bags of Peanuts down
to feed these Squirrels. Brandon and I would station Peanuts on
our pant legs and the squirrels would run right up and grab them! Such
fun! Being reminded of this today, I'm thinking that from now on, my
Squirrels at home are gonna have to do a little more to Earn their keep!

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