Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring's Buzzing Trees!

This was the View of the front yard and his
flowering Yoshino cherry last Saturday evening...
And this is his beautiful flowering Yoshino cherry tree tonight!
It is Spectacular! And...
It's Buzzing!
There is no breeze and yet, these Branches above me are
waving to and fro against a constant Bombardment of very busy
bees. I see little bees, medium bees and big Fat bumblers!
This weeping dwarf Cherry next to the yoshino is all a-buzz too!
I don't care much for this magnolia... Except in Spring!
The flowering Crabapple by the driveway is about to burst! And, I
suspect it'll take all of Five seconds for the bees to find it when it does!
Spring is here and I couldn't be happier about it! How about you?

Day Eight - the Finale!

It's the final day of our Spring Blog-hop campers!
It's been a Fantastically sweet ride and I sure hope you've
enjoyed it as Much as I have. Before I tell you about today's
featured blogger, I want to remind you to Hop over and enter
the giveaway open until Monday on my hop-day, Here
Okay... Back to telling you all about day eight and Shelley from
Cookies and Cups! I am so excited to share her with you. Why?
Well... Take a look at these adorable creatures! Cute, cute, cute. Huh?
Shelly has many talents, but she creates fondant Cupcake Toppers unlike
any I've ever seen! Shelly's business motto is, If you can think it, I can make it.
And I, for one, Believe her! So what are you waiting for? Hop... Or Slither
on over to Shelly's blog right now to see what's on her Spring Blog-
hop menu, and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hippity-Hop... It's day Seven!

It's day Seven of our Spring Blog Hop and boy, are you in for a real
treat today! Liz over at Hoosier Homemade volunteered to do double-
duty during our Blog Hop so we're back with her again for another
fun springtime Goodie, and great giveaway! So follow me Here!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Six... You've got to See this!

It's day Six of our Spring Blog Hop and today's featured
blogger is Amanda over at, i am baker. Amanda is clearly one
of those creative bakers you just know you'll see one day soon on
the FoodNetwork, participating in a challenge show or hosting her
very Own show! I am amazed by Amanda's talents and much
like Bakerella's Cupcake Pops I had never seen before or
even Imagined were possible, these surprise cakes
that Amanda creates just BLOW my mind! Photo Belongs to Amanda
So Hurry! Hop over to Amanda's blog. Check out her
very special Easter cake and for goodness sake, do not
forget to enter her Giveaway for cold, hard, beautiful CASH!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Evening Garden Stroll

It was a Beautiful spring day today. And now, it's time
for our evening Sunset stroll around the gardens
It didn't photograph well but the Rose along
the fence is coming back in a big way!
Kinda like the Calla Lilies by the front door. Every day he reminds
me to leave them alone. He knows I'd love to have them in a vase!
The flowering trees are Amazing this time of year!
I cannot wait for the Japanese maple to come
back. Only then will the front yard will be complete!
Around the house and through the Wisteria arbor, we find the back
yard! Now two weeks ago I was complaining about the mess he made out
of the yard while he was coring, adding top soil, Seed and fertilizing...
I'm not Complaining any more! But I am eager for the Trees to
flush so they will Hide the house on the hill. We own the property
right up to their back door but Rarely do we wander up that far
We prefer to stay down here... In the park we've created for ourselves!
Of course, by we, I mean him and the Mouse in my pocket...
Because we all know that the extent of my Effort
for the success of his gardens is to Enjoy them!
Which works out well for Both of us!
These Daffodils are my favorites!
But I'm fond of all his Garden bloomers!
Every bloomer!
And every blade of grass!
Springtime is worth its weight in Gold to me!
It's beginning to get Chilly now so we need to hurry up our stroll
Tomorrow it will rain. Which is great news for
all new tulips I'm about to have! In vases...
I can hear him calling me a Flower murderer already!
But that's okay. I can handle it... 
And he'll get Over it!
Okay... Time to pop inside to make dinner and Watch a movie!
Good night, Garden!
Oh! Before I forget... I found these darling little pot
mushrooms at Target this afternoon. They're So cute!
Good Spring Night!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bedroom Hardwoods

It's been a couple of long days for me and Bing. We've had to
move out of the bedroom and take everything in it with us
in order to have the carpeting replaced with hardwood
flooring. Now that it's all said and done, I'm really
pleased, and looking forward to sleeping in!   

The carpet wasn't terrible. I picked it out. I especially
liked the name of the color. It was, cheesecake!

But I prefer hardwood to carpeting. We have it downstairs, except
for in the den and living room, and I love how easy it is to clean and
keep clean. So after hearing Rush Limbaugh, you know...The man
that is the syrup to my pancakes, talk about Lumber Liquidators
all these years, I decided it was past time to check them out. Luckily
for us, moving out of the bedroom proved to be the only difficult
thing about shopping for and installing our beautiful new flooring!

Turns out, we have a fabulous Lumber Liquidators showroom/sales office
nearby. Almost immediately, we both knew exactly what we wanted, and we
were thrilled to learn it was in stock and ready to be loaded into our truck
right away! Throw in a very helpful sales staff, and Lumber Liquidators
left us no reason to second-guess our decision! By the way... Bing hated
moving out of the bedroom! There was strong protest and even growling!

But like most things worth-while, you just have to do it if you're
going to decide to do it, and keep pushing until you get there! 

Because in the end, you'll be Happy you did!

Very happy! Honestly! Have you ever seen prettier floors? Well, if
you've been to a Lumber Liquidator showroom, you might come close!
(Click any photos to enlarge)

The best part of today was coming home to
find all of my stuff put back where it belonged!

All I had to do was put fresh sheets on the bed,
which is something I do every Friday anyway...

I love this floor! It's warm, comfy, and handscraped to
appear naturally worn. Very cottage. Don't you think? 

It's called Matterhorn Birch. See it here

I was amazed by how affordable quality solid wood flooring like this
is at Lumber Liquidators. You would fall out of your chair if I told
you how much we spent to put that engineered stuff I don't even like
in the kitchen. And yes... That floor is on my hit-list to replace too!

Now all my bedroom needs is a walk-in closet. Oh,
how much I miss my California walk-in closet!

But I don't miss the traffic noise that came with that fabulous closet!

The only draw-back to having my things put back before I got
home was that he discovered all of my little stashes of goodies
stock-piled here and there. He said 200 pounds of lotions, body
washes and candles was too much. So to make peace I may have
promised to stop shopping on Thursdays. For a little while...